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Running Man: The Best Episode for…


Lore In Stone Cities

It was a long day. Then I watched Kwang Soo smash an egg on his head two times in a row and it hit me- I love Running Man for a plethora of reasons (and I need sleep). Every episode of RM gives me a new reason to think back and remember the best of the best- when I was in my happy RM place for the same reason I am presently laughing. The characteristics I love about this show all have a major highlight, an episode showcasing the element that brings the funny to the forefront. So henceforth is Lore in Stone Cities guide for the best episode for____ (fill in the blanks with joy). Cheers!

Monday Couple   

Monday Couple

Because Monday is better this way

Episode: 34 (Hongdae date)

A date! A Monday couple date?! That’s right- in episode 34 the variety duo of Song Ji Hyo and Gary…

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